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George School FAC COVID Guidelines
Beginning on 05/06/22, everyone entering the Fitness & Athletic Center must be masked.


Many sports are not played all year round, which means that most players have a period of time where they are not training or competing. Whether it be soccer, field hockey, cross country, football, tennis, equestrian, cheerleading, or volleyball, pre-season training is essential in preparing for the next season.  

Muscle strength, endurance, and conditioning decline during the periods that you are not training or competing. Suddenly going back to the high demands of your sport without adequate conditioning will place your body at risk of injury, as it is not equipped to cope with the challenges of your sport. Your body will need to regain fitness, flexibility, and strength to prepare you for the season ahead.  

This is why pre-season training is so important. The amount of pre-season training necessary is often determined by how much time you have taken off after the season ended. If you continue training through the off-season, then your pre-season demands are reduced.  With that in mind, we ask our GS athletes to train during the summer so that we will have more time during our preseason camp practices to work on the technical aspects of each sport rather than doing more physical conditioning exercises. 

Pre-season training allows you to build solid foundations for your fitness, agility, and strength. It also allows you to improve your technical ability and ensure optimum performance for when the regular season starts. One of the most important reasons why you must do pre-season training is that it will dramatically reduce your risk of injury throughout the competitive season.  

Our expectations are that campers will follow all of George School’s rules of personal conduct and that they will work hard to improve during camp.  Preseason camp is for serious athletes that are working towards playing at their highest level to ultimately help their team be successful.  It is a great time to bond with old and new friends and to have fun while working towards a common goal.

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